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We are creating a club for the new human. The food lover, the environmentalist, the plant based warriors and the living consciously crew.

We aim to build a community around the world that connects people to the planet, fosters positive change and raises awareness for the environment, for our health and for our sustainability goals. Sounds like a hard task, but weโ€™re well up for the challenge.

About Us

W H A Tย  I Sย  T E M P E H?

Tempeh is the word for any fermented patty made from beans, legumes, grains, nuts or seeds. It is typically made from soya beans, but the reality is that it can be made from many different things.

Where does Tempeh come from?
It is said to have originated in Java hundreds of years ago and in Indonesia it is a staple food but it is now being enjoyed with increasing frequency around the world too.

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