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Pickled Turmeric Mooli

Pickled Turmeric Mooli

Indulge in Pickled Turmeric Mooli, a vibrant delight that adds unique flavour and a burst of colour to your dishes. Perfect for enhancing Pan-Asian curries, stews, salads, and sandwiches.

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Size: 450g

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  • Anti-Inflammatory

    Turmeric contains curcumin, a compound with powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming Pickled Turmeric Mooli may help reduce inflammation in the body,

  • Digestive Aid

    Turmeric is known to stimulate the production of bile in the liver, aiding in digestion. Consuming turmeric pickle may help alleviate digestive discomfort and support a healthy digestive system.

  • Joint Health

    Some individuals find relief from joint pain and arthritis symptoms by incorporating turmeric into their diet. Turmeric pickle can be a convenient way to consume this spice regularly.

What's in the product

Mooli, rice vinegar, water, agave, sea salt, turmeric.

"The Pickled Turmeric Mooli brings an exciting twist to my meals. Its unique flavour profile sets it apart, and I find myself reaching for it whenever I want to elevate a dish."
Charlie George

Product information

Serving Suggestion

This pickled delight offers a uniquely vibrant flavour and a splash of colour to any dish. Add me to your Pan-Asian curries, stews, salads and sandwiches.


Ingredients: Mooli, rice vinegar, water, agave, sea salt, turmeric.
May contain: Soya.


Keep refrigerated below 5C. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 30 days. Please keep upright. Do not exceed use by date.


Typical Values per 100g

Energy 24Kcal
Fat 0.4g
Of whichsaturated 0.18g
Carbohydrates 4.9g
of which sugars 2.0g
Fibre 2.3g
Protein 1.6g
Salt 2.1g


What is Pickled Turmeric Mooli?

This vibrant pickle features thinly sliced mooli (white radish) which is pickled in a turmeric and rice vinegar blend. The result? A tangy, slightly sweet pickle that elevates any dish.

What does it taste like?

Pickled Turmeric Mooli strikes a delightful balance between tangy and slightly sweet. The radish provides a fresh, crunchy texture, while the turmeric adds a depth of flavour.

Is it healthy?

Pickled Turmeric Mooli is a treasure trove of health benefits! Radish is rich in vitamins and minerals, while turmeric boasts anti-inflammatory properties.

How do I eat it?

The options are endless! Enjoy a spoonful with your meals, mix it into rice or have on the side of currys, use it in a sandwich for a flavour boost. It's a versatile condiment that can bring life to any dish.

What is the shelf life?

Pickled Turmeric Mooli has a shelf life of 3 months and it is recommended to consume within 30 days of opening.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jeff Silver
Well made and tasty, but too sweet

This is fundamentally a lovely pickle, but it is spoiled by being massively over-sweetened. I don't see any reason for sweetening it at all, even with agave. If anyone wants it sweeter, they can sweeten it themselves, but of course it's not possible to unsweeten it.
What a shame :(

So versatile

This stuff is incredible. A very rich, intense flavour which lifts any dish as a side serving but also good for sandwiches. Can’t get enough, really delicious. Bought as part of a set which allows you to try all the products. Excellent value and friendly, human customer service. Will buy again for sure.


Cannot stop eating this! Having it on everything right now cos its so versatile. delicious and would recommend.

Simon Akbari
My Favourite

Amazing product, 10/10 taste and fantastic customer service! Will be buying again for sure!

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