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Shoyu Koji

Shoyu Koji

Unlock Japan's hidden secret with Shoyu Koji—a powerhouse of umami. The koji culture enriches the soya sauce during the fermentation that elevates your dishes, adding unparalleled depth and flavour.

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Size: 450ml

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  • Unparalleled Umami

    Shoyu Koji unlocks an unmatched umami flavour, elevating your culinary creations with a depth of taste that's simply extraordinary.

  • Natural Fermentation Magic

    Crafted through natural fermentation, Shoyu Koji not only enhances flavor but also fosters probiotics, potentially supporting digestive health.

  • Culinary Versatility

    A kitchen essential, Shoyu Koji's versatility empowers you to enhance sauces, marinades, and dishes from various cuisines, making every meal a gourmet masterpiece.

What's in the product

Koji (white rice, aspergillus oryzae), tamari gluten-free soya sauce (water, soya beans, salt, spirit vinegar)

"I'm in awe of how Shoyu Koji transforms my cooking. The taste is unbelievably delicious—so rich and full of umami. I even put it on my toast!! It's a must-have in my kitchen!”
Joanne Owen

Product information

Serving Suggestion

Serving Suggestion: Think soy sauce but on steroids. Use shoyu koji as a umami-rich ingredient for proteins, sushi, salads, and marinades. Enhance stir-fries, soups, and rice dishes. Experiment to add depth of flavour to various dishes. Shake well before use.


Koji (white rice, aspergillus oryzae), tamari gluten-free soya sauce (water, soya beans, salt, spirit vinegar).
Allergens: Soya


Storage: Keep refrigerated below 5C. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use within 30 days. Please keep upright. Do not exceed use by date.


Typical Values per 100g

Energy 112Kcal
Fat 0.4g
Of whichsaturated 0.19g
Carbohydrates 20.2g
of which sugars 10.5g
Fibre <0.1g
Protein 6.9g
Salt 7.7g


What is Shoyu Koji?

Shoyu Koji is a Japanese sauce created by fermenting soy sauce with koji rice. This transformative process imbues it with an intense umami flavour, making it a versatile and essential ingredient for enhancing the taste of diverse dishes.

What does it taste like?

Shoyu Koji has a complex and rich flavour profile characterised by a deep umami taste. It offers a combination of savoury, slightly sweet, and salty notes with a mild fermentation tang. Its taste is often described as enhancing the natural flavours of food while adding depth and complexity to dishes.

What are the benefits of Shoyu Koji?

Shoyu Koji is a good source of probiotics, enzymes, and umami-enhancing amino acids. It can help improve digestion, boost the immune system.

How is Shoyu Koji made?

It is made by fermenting soy sauce withthe koji rice culture (Aspergillus oryzae). The Koji mixed with soy sauce and left to ferment, developing its signature umami-rich flavour.

Is Shoyu Koji gluten-free?

Yes, our Shoyu Koji is gluten free as we use a gluten free soya sauce. However, traditionally, Shoyu Koji is not gluten-free.

What is the shelf life of Shoyu Koji?

Our Shoyu Koji has a shelf life of 3 months.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Alice Leeson

Received this morning and first use was marinading salmon. Wasn’t expecting much as didn’t leave it long but tasted amazing, full of umami and the salmon was just so soft!

Simon Akbari

This is delicious and has now become a staple piece in my cupboard! Highly recommend!

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