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The Tempeh Lover - 3 or 4 of each tempeh

The Tempeh Lover - 3 or 4 of each tempeh

Introducing the Tempeh Lover bundle, a celebration of tempeh in all its glory, crafted  especially for enthusiasts of this versatile, nutritious wonder.

This bundle is a tribute to the rich, nutty flavours and the satisfying texture of tempeh, a plant-based protein powerhouse.

It's a love letter to this traditional, fermented delicacy, offering a range of tastes and culinary possibilities.

Perfect for the tempeh aficionado looking to explore new dimensions of this beloved ingredient, the Tempeh Lover bundle promises a delightful and nourishing journey through the best of tempeh craftsmanship.

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What's inside?

4 packages of

Organic Soy Tempeh

Discover the rich, authentic taste of our traditionally crafted, organic Tempeh.
Perfect for curries, marinades, or as nutritious mince.
Cultured with care in Norfolk, inspired by Indonesian mastery.

4 packages of

Organic Kentucky Fresh Tempeh

Experience the world's first— Organic Kentucky Fresh Tempeh! Our spice and herb blend designed by a Michelin star trained chef will unlock poultry like flavour, all while staying true to health-conscious, organic, and wholefood values.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
The softest nicest tempeh! Nothing like in a supermarket

I felt a huge difference between this tempeh and the store bought one. I would love to see you guys in supermarkets or Ocado because 4 blocks is a bit too much for my family right now. I froze two blocks so it’s still not a big deal. The quality is superior, well done

V Freeland
So tasty

Love love love!

Buvana Dwarakanathan

The Tempeh Lover - 3 or 4 of each tempeh


Very short use by dates and poor delivery experience with courier

Karen Waller
Great tempeh

Some of the best tempeh I’ve enjoyed, with good flavour and texture. Slow cooks in stews etc with quite deep sausage-type taste, and the Kentucky spiced is just a bit different which is great in a market of plain tempehs. The big blocks are great to have in the freezer. Definitely my new tempeh!

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