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Club Cultured was founded by 3 school mates James, Harry & Connor in 2018. Who combined their love for cultured food, cultures of the world and the finer things in life.

Club Cultured was founded by 3 school mates James, Harry & Connor in 2018. Who combined their love for cultured food, cultures of the world and the finer things in life.

Before the birth of the Club James & Harry ditched the broking career for a 60L backpack and began a life changing adventure backpacking around the world. In the beautiful Bali we tried Tempeh for the very first time from a roadside warrung in Canggu. It was like nothing we’d tasted before! It was meaty, firm and with a mild nutty flavour. We simply couldn’t believe how great this fermented bean block was!

Whilst we were floating around the Southern Hemisphere in a haze of cultured bliss. The the other co bro of the Club Connor aka the ‘Connoisseur’ was back home cutting his teeth running sections in the michelin starred kitchen of the Ritz Hotel London. Little did we know Connor was already playing around with his own fermenting projects making Kombucha & Kimchi from scratch.

After 16 months James & Harry returned slightly burnt, long hair, vegan and with a new lust for life met up with the Connoisseur. When the three of us got together we started messing around making Tempeh, initially using James’s Mums airing cupboard (not successful), and then later with an old fridge that we turned into an incubator (more successful) . One evening we proudly took some of our Tempeh deliciousness down to our local boozer and the response was overwhelming positive (especially from a bunch of Essex lads).

We knew we were on to something and the Club was born.

In November 2018 we hit the London street food scene! With our homemade Tempeh & Kimchi and the Connoisseurs incredible culinary skills it was safe to say we were setting London’s vegan foodie scene ablaze.

After building quite a reputation for our organic Tempeh we started receiving wholesale orders and a lot of them! To much for our second hand fridge to handle! So all three of us took a trip back to the Tempeh motherland Indonesia and had traditional training in the art of Tempeh making by our master and now life long friend Amita.

Upon our return to London we have innovated and modernised the ancient art of Tempeh making and grew our customer base which allowed us to build London’s first ever Tempeh Factory in Hackney Wick in December 2019.

We are now on a mission to push the boundaries of fermentation with not just Tempeh but all cultured foods and drinks. And to show the world how delicious fermented foods are and how important they are for human health and preventing disease.

We are now very proud and confident to say that we produce the highest quality Organic , non GMO Tempeh in the UK, all created without the use of plastic and Cultured with love here in Hackney Wick.




Chick'n Mushroom Tempeh Salad

Name a saucier salad, club. This mushroom-made-meaty "chicken" salad is the perfect meal for summer. Refreshing yet ravishing.

BBQ Tempeh Ribz with Homemade Coleslaw

It doesn't get saucier than our BBQ Tempeh Ribz with Homemade Coleslaw. The perfect whip-up for a BBQ, with our fantastic ferments.

KFC Mushroom Burger

Our tempting, plant-based KFC Mushroom Burger, filled with funkiest ferments and most flavourful flavours. BBQ season is here, and we couldn't be happier.

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